Bathing Suits 2014

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to get into bathing suit season! And no, I’m not talking about working out, I’m talking about actual bathing suits! Target bikini’s are my weakness. I can’t go into Target and not look at the bathing suit section… there are always cute suits at a reasonable price! Not only are they cute and fashionable, every item is mix and match. This means that you can pair any top with any bottom to create your own style.

This summer season, tribal and nautical bathing suits are especially trendy. There are also more flattering styles available (sometimes the triangle top just doesn’t do your beautiful body justice!). Halter tops, bandeaus, and midkini’s are just a few of those styles.

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Along with Target, Victoria’s Secret also has some great suits available, but they cost a good amount more. Generally, Target bathing suits range from $14.99-$17.99 a piece whereas Victoria’s Secret suits can cost between $20.50 a piece to $54.50. One of the things I really like about Victoria’s Secret online bathing suit finder is the Bikini Mixer feature. The Bikini Mixer feature allows the shopper to pick the style top and bottom (separately) and chose which color or pattern for each item.

With Target and Victoria’s Secret at your disposal, there’s no way you won’t look cute and fashionable this summer!



Looking Cute During Baseball Season

Get out your sports jersey’s… baseball season is in full bloom! I’m a big Philadelphia Phillies fan! The Phillies’ home opener was April 8th, and I couldn’t be more excited for their season to start picking up. I believe in them this year!

I have countless Phillies shirts, but I’m looking for some cuter things to wear other than a plain Majestic player t-shirt.

Throughout the years, I have collected a few Phillies shirts and tank tops from Victoria’s Secret, but they’re so expensive. Don’t get me wrong, Victoria’s Secret baseball apparel is always super cute and trendy, but I am a poor college student and can’t afford to pay $29.95 for a tank top with my team’s logo on the front. I’ve been searching for some unique Phillies apparel at a decent price, so I went to Etsy is a website where people make clothing, art, jewelry, etc. and sell it. Generally, the stuff that is sold on Etsy isn’t too expensive. I found a t-shirt that says, “This Girl Loves Her Phillies with two thumbs pointing for only $15.45.

Along with apparel, I found bathing suits, earrings, hats, sweatpants, baby onesies, and sweatshirts. I like Etsy because the things that are sold are one-of-a-kind. Yes, the seller may mass produce, but generally, the items aren’t sold to the masses. You can always find something unique that no one else will have! Once I get some more money in my bank account, I will definitely take a shopping trip on and buy some new Phillies apparel!