High-Waisted Shorts; Will the Trend Ever End?

Early last year, the 90s style high-waisted denim shorts & jeans trend made a comeback. At first, I was totally not about the trend, but after giving it a try for a year, I’ve hopped on the high-waisted bandwagon!

I own a couple pairs of high-waisted denim shorts, high-waisted faux leather shorts, and also high-waisted denim jeans. My family makes fun of me all the time when I wear my high-waisted pants. I guess they still don’t understand or like the trend. But I am totally prepared this summer!

Last summer, all of my friends would wear high-waisted shorts all the time, and I only had one pair. It was very difficult for me to find a pair of high-waisted shorts that fit me right. Sometimes, the waistline is very high which causes certain body parts, i.e. butt cheeks, to peek out of the bottom of the shorts. I don’t care how hot you are, exposed butt cheeks are never a good look! But now that we’ve had this trend going on for over a year now, finding good shorts is a much easier feat for me. Some of my favorite sites to find high-waisted shorts include Forever21.com, Tobi.com, and Etsy.com.

Once I come home from school for the summer and am actually able to shop at a mall that has more than 5 stores (thanks Columbia Mall), I will definitely be purchasing more shorts! Now that I’ve found stores to get shorts from, I’m hoping the trend won’t go away any time soon!


Looking Cute During Baseball Season

Get out your sports jersey’s… baseball season is in full bloom! I’m a big Philadelphia Phillies fan! The Phillies’ home opener was April 8th, and I couldn’t be more excited for their season to start picking up. I believe in them this year!

I have countless Phillies shirts, but I’m looking for some cuter things to wear other than a plain Majestic player t-shirt.

Throughout the years, I have collected a few Phillies shirts and tank tops from Victoria’s Secret, but they’re so expensive. Don’t get me wrong, Victoria’s Secret baseball apparel is always super cute and trendy, but I am a poor college student and can’t afford to pay $29.95 for a tank top with my team’s logo on the front. I’ve been searching for some unique Phillies apparel at a decent price, so I went to Etsy.com. Etsy is a website where people make clothing, art, jewelry, etc. and sell it. Generally, the stuff that is sold on Etsy isn’t too expensive. I found a t-shirt that says, “This Girl Loves Her Phillies with two thumbs pointing for only $15.45.

Along with apparel, I found bathing suits, earrings, hats, sweatpants, baby onesies, and sweatshirts. I like Etsy because the things that are sold are one-of-a-kind. Yes, the seller may mass produce, but generally, the items aren’t sold to the masses. You can always find something unique that no one else will have! Once I get some more money in my bank account, I will definitely take a shopping trip on Etsy.com and buy some new Phillies apparel!