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Social Media

Throughout the course of the semester, I was required to blog twice a week; once about the theme of my blog, i.e. fashion, and once about a topic my professor, Dr. Magolis, gave the class. I am not new to blogging… I’ve had to blog every semester since I got in the Mass Communications major. I’ve used blogging tools such as Blogger, Tumblr, BOLT, and WordPress. WordPress has definitely been my favorite blogging site to use, however. There are so many neat features to use on WordPress so a blog can never be boring! I also have noticed that my blog has received a good amount of attention. WordPress uses tags in such an affective way that blogs are easy to find and read.

The main reason I applied to the Mass Communications major at Bloomsburg University is because I am fascinated with how social media is now used not only for personal use, but for business use. Yes, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used to share information about an individual; however, these sites are becoming more and more business oriented. Every single one of my friends has an account on all of the sites I just mentioned. I think most people around the world can say the same thing. It only makes sense that businesses and companies are now turning towards social media and the internet to promote whatever it is they’re selling. In today’s day and age, I will never understand why an organization doesn’t utilize social media. It’s only going to grow! Plus, it’s free!

I use social media every day of my life. As soon as I wake up, I get on my phone and check what I’ve missed in the past 8 hours while I was sleeping. I refresh Twitter and Instagram probably over 100 times a day; I guess you can say I have a bad case of FOMO– Fear Of Missing Out. I like to know what’s going on in the world around me at all times! Since I will be graduating within the next year, I took the necessary precautions in regards to keeping my social media accounts protected and safe. I have a professional Twitter account along with a personal one. The same goes for Facebook. Even though I don’t post inappropriate pictures or anything like that on my personal Facebook or Twitter, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, I have enjoyed this blogging experience. There have been times when I found it slightly difficult to find topics to blog about, but I will definitely continue blogging after the semester is over! I have obtained an internship this summer, and I would like to blog for that company since they do not yet have a blog. Social media is growing, and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it! Accept it. Embrace it. Learn to love it.

For more information about me and some of the things I have done throughout my college career, check out my Weebly website, Ashley Wright!


Sorority Recruitment; The Best Time To Rock Your Style!

Everyone has their own idea of a sorority girl. Ever since Legally Blonde came out, people perceive sorority girls as blonde, stupid, and “loose” with boys. As a sorority girl myself, I can say that these stereotypes are so wildly incorrect. Yes, there are always a few girls or sororities that perpetuate those stereotypes, but I find sorority life to be much much more than partying and making out with a different boy every night.

I’ve been a member of one of Bloomsburg’s local sororities, Theta Tau Omega, since spring 2011. One of the things that I’ve found about sorority girls is that we have a pretty awesome sense of style! And I’m not talking about our every day attire which includes leggings, some form of letters (t-shirt, sweatshirt, spirit jersey, etc.), sorority rain jacket, and Uggs. We all look pretty fabulous at mixers and other social events, but my favorite sorority fashion time of the year is definitely during recruitment season!

Bloomsburg’s Greek Life is a little unconventional compared to other universities in regards to recruitment, so I will only speak about what I know. Every sorority on campus picks a rush theme. Rush themes are important because they show potential new members what each sorority is all about. This is definitely the time to get creative with your personal style! This year, my sorority, Theta Tau, has decided to do an Alice in Wonderland rush theme. Our tank tops are purple and say “Welcome to Wonderland” in gold foil letters. The back reads, “You Would Have To Be Half Mad To Pass Us Up”. And don’t worry, it’s covered in glitter, because why wouldn’t it be?!

TTO Spring Rush Shirt

You Would Have To Be Half Mad To Pass Us Up

During bid’s night, the night the rushees reveal which sorority bid they chose to sign, the members of each sorority get dressed up in some pretty awesome outfits! I already have my outfit picked out for February 20th but its top secret!

Many people criticize sororities for many different reasons, but if you could be in the ballroom on bid’s night, you’d see some pretty amazing things coming from Bloomsburg’s greek life (crazy trendy fashion being just one of them)!