Spring Fashion 2014

Even though it may not feel like it, spring is officially here!! With warm spring weather comes new spring trends! I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I am attending a wedding in two weeks. I’ve been searching online for dresses for the wedding, and I found a website called Jean Jail. I’ve seen a style of dress and skirt that I really like. It’s an asymmetrical hemline with a mini cut out. I’ve seen it on Pinterest in skirt styles as well as dresses.

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I think this hemline will be the new style this up coming season! As you can see from the three images above, there are many ways you can do this style. There is a cut out in the front, an asymmetrical layered look, and a cut out off center. I’ve heard that some people don’t necessarily like the cut outs in the hemline. Last season, cut outs along the sides of the bodice was a big trend that caught on quickly. Some people may be more reserved to adopt this trend, but I wish I could buy every dress and skirt that I see with an asymmetrical hemline! I think it’s a little more classy than cut outs on the bodice.

I guess time will tell to see if this trend will stick, but I know as soon as I get some more money in my bank account, I’m definitely buying some items in this style!!!


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