Katharine Graham

Katharine (Meyers) Graham was born into publishing in 1917. Her father bought the Washington Post in 1933, and Katharine and her husband, Phillip took over the Post in the mid 40s (Katharine Graham Biography). According to About Women’s History, After Phillip committed suicide in the 60s, Katharine became the board chairman and chief executive officer at the Washington Post.

During this time, the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate Scandal broke. After much advisement to not publish the classified documents, Graham decided to go ahead and publish them. She changed the ways of journalism with this decision. Instead of following a government agenda, Graham and her team at the Washington Post believed it was more important to let the public know what was going on.

Graham published an autobiography in 1997 called Personal History. She won the Pulitzer Prize the following year. The memoir not only discussed her career at the Washington Post, but it also brought a new light to her husband’s mental illness (Katharine Graham Biography). Unfortunately, the world lost a great publisher and woman in July of 2001 after she suffered an injury. As stated on About Women’s History, “She certainly was, in the words of an ABC newscast, “one of the twentieth century’s most powerful and interesting women.””


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