Swag vs. Style

Within the past 5 years or so, guys have been obsessed with “swag” and “swagger” and I’m so over it! The term swagger isn’t new at all, but swag started reappearing after it was said in popular songs like Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and Swagger Like Us by TI. With the swag term came swag fashion. Gag me. Justin Bieber is the epitome of looking swag; snap backs, tattoos, bold-colored high tops, gold chains, tight pants that hang too far below the belt with tighty-whities hanging out, and too big t-shirts and tank tops.

I know that the great thing about fashion is the ability to show your personality through your own style, but this look is my absolute least favorite. Girls get crap for looking trashy, and I believe guys should be held to the same standard. Justin Bieber used to have a good sense of style when he first started his career. I was okay with my 10-year-old cousin wanting to dress like him; but this Justin has absolutely no respect for himself. He definitely doesn’t have swag. Justin’s pulling an Amanda Bynes and going off the deep end.

I would never date a boy with swag; I’d rather be in a relationship with a man who has style. You can still show off your personality through your clothing, but style shows you have more respect for yourself. Below I have added some pictures of my favorite current fashion trends for men. Ask yourself, would you rather date a boy who constantly has his underwear sticking out, or a man who shows class and sophistication through his dress choices? Hopefully you pick the latter.

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