Personal Stylist At Your Service!

There are so many apps I wish were on the market that would totally benefit my every day life. If I were able to create an app, and maybe I will one day, it would be called Style Me Trendy, and it would be the best fashion app out there!

There are so many times I look through my closet and I don’t know what to wear! I have so many pieces but I have a hard time of putting things together. Style Me Trendy would be your own personal stylist! All you have to do is take pictures of pieces you have in your closet, and Style Me Trendy would go through and arrange the items that go well together. The app will also offer suggestions for accessories, shoes, etc. from retailers that will go well with the pieces that are already in your closet! If you sign in through Facebook or Twitter, you will also be able to see styles your friends are wearing!

I’d really like to get this app up and running. I think people would definitely find it beneficial. Here are some pictures of what the interface of Style Me Trendy would look like. I used the app creator Yapp to create the interface. I also used images I found on Pinterest as an example.


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